Week 13: Phone Call by Rory

I whent into the phone box and put in a fivep coin and I wanted to tell my mum something important. It sounded like a pinball flicker. My mum screamed whith Excitement. Well it sounded strange. She said that the tiger was blocking her escape. She was a weak explorer. I whanted to Just Jump fro the little phone as if it was a portel. It was a small place in the phone box. I could of ifen Jump in it. Now I was worryed an anxious. I heard a mumble. The jungle was noisey. Mum screamed with excitement now.

2 thoughts on “Week 13: Phone Call by Rory”

  1. Hello Rory!
    What a super imagination you have. There are so many ideas in this story with a jungle, a tiger and a phone box that sounds a bit like a tardis.
    Well done for your first story on 100wc and I hope to see lots more next year.

  2. Rory, I love how you have written using all those emotions – excitement, anxiety and fear. If this was the end of the first chapter, I would definitely want to read on to find out what happened next. Super writing!

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