Time Travel

Once there was a girl called Lucy. She had always dreamed every night in her bed about being an explorer. One day, she was in her  office when she lent on the grand, old  grandfather clock. Suddenly, a hidden door opened in front of her and she fell in. Soon, she found herself in an incredibly small   room then everything stopped and Lucy fell sound asleep. When Lucy woke up she inquisitively opened the metal framed door with a golden knocker. There, she saw a wonderful sight. Her dream came true! Staring down at her was a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex!

One thought on “Time Travel”

  1. Hi Anna and Alice
    I love your 100WC. You have used very interesting words to start each sentence (ather than “then” all the time!) Well done. I also love how you have tied the story together by finding a dinosaur when you said you wanted to be an explorer. This shows you thought through the whole story before writing. Fantastic!
    Mrs P (Team 100WC)
    Wellington, New Zealand

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