The Wild Life Of Doom (A twisted play)

Scene 1 -Two girls are walking down the high street.

Ruby:          (Happily) Look! A poster for a N Y E party on 31.12.18, that’s today  and it’s in 1 hour!

Emily:        ( Excitedly) Yeah! Lets get ready!

(Ruby and Emily get dresses on)

Scene 2 – At the party in a spooky hall

Ruby:          Lets get a fresh loaf of bread!

Emily:         Yeah! That’s a good idea!

(The girls head to the bakers buffet)

Emily:          Oh no! A fire, everyone fled!

(Both run around the hall warning people)

Ruby:          (Worriedly) Is everyone out?

(The next day the whole hall had burned down)

Emily:        The news says this is the Fire of London