The Intergalactic Space Aliens are at it Again! ….

‘Ouch’, exclaimed Broady, ‘That really hurt!’ ‘What happened to you Broady, and why are you covered in goo?’, screamed Amilia. ‘Its because they shot their goo gun at me’, screamed Broady back to Amilia. ‘Who are they’, snarled Amilia very cruely. ‘You know who they are,the aliens you ding dong!’ said Broady very disgusted. But suddenly the aliens disappeared with Amilia! ‘Oh no’, said Broady very nervously, ‘What am I going to do?’ Then in the middle of nowhere the aliens jumped out and said something like jkfhgquyehdkjeruryreo and the very confused Broady said ‘What the?’ Then a voice said ‘HELP’…. TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!