The Haunted Cave

One rainy  morning ,a parot called Holly couldn’t fly because of the rain . Luckily Harriet was there. She cort Holly and ran into a cave .”Thank you  my good friend Harriet. You are a fast horse . ” Even though it had been raining  all morning , eventually the rain stopped .  They had been in the cave for a few hours when they realised that it was haunted.  A light flickered deep down in the cave and they slowly peered around to find a ghost! The ghost flew past and said, “This cave is haunted so you had better be careful!”.  They screamed!

One thought on “The Haunted Cave”

  1. Dear Alice
    Great writing Alice. I really enjoyed the way you showed Harriet was a horse. Good use of speech too. You create a plot in just 100 words very successfully. Keep that writing going!
    Best wishes



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