The Golden Hen

One day ,a little golden hen came hopping along the corn field. Just then a boy called Max came along by the field he met the golden hen with a black fringe . After that , the little golden hen layed a golden egg . Max went home and told his mother what had happened . But she didn’t belive him what  hen is golden .After he had been washed  he went outside by only a flickering candle light

One thought on “The Golden Hen”

  1. To Ella and Braedan,
    You have used the prompts in an interesting way – quite different to how anyone in my class used them. I’m glad I came across your post because I have a son called Braedan and we spell it the same way, he gets called Brae most of the time. He has a friend called Ella, what a coincidence!
    Keep up the great writing,
    Mrs Horan (Team 100)
    Morrinsville, New Zealand

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