the gerl how finds out she is wich

Long ago lived a girl called Sarah.

She lived  with her mother . One day she found out she was a wizard and when she went to school she saw  her friend  and then accidentally set her bag on fire.  Her friend was called Lille loved greasy chips and she always got sent to the prinsobol,s ofis. sudonl Lillie and Sarah disapird in fic smoce. theywock up in the jungall.

One thought on “the gerl how finds out she is wich”

  1. Wow! How amazing would it be find out you were a wizard or witch Millie? What would you do if you had those powers? Setting a bag on fire by accident sounds a bit dangerous though, but not as bad as disappearing in thick smoke! How careful do you think *you* would be?
    Did you miss some of the words in the prompt though? Next time there’s a Challenge like this one, see if you can include all five.
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

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