Once there were two men and they wanted to go to Antarctica. They tried and tried but they always got frostbite. Once they made it by train and they jumped on the ice but they took no notice of the sign that said “very thin ice”and he fell through ice and into the cold,blue and freezing ocean. When they got back to there tent and had a cup of tea on there bed and they went to sleep but at midnight one man woke up and made a fire .The  heat woke they other man up and he said” what”.

cops and robbers

Once upon a time, a criminal  stole a twirl and he ate it under his mask and when he came out he slipped and  fell into a pit of slime and after he was bright green. Then the cops came and the robber just managed to get away on his tricycle. ” But it is so slow. I need more speed,” shouted the robber and then went 60mph and he crashed and broke his spine. fortunately the hospital came and fixed him up. However, he was still wanted and the cops corned  him in a tree  and he went to jail and it sucked.

yannicks wild adventure

“Hey Charles how are you doing?”, said Yannick. The two boys went to a particular statue in America, so they  had to go through passport control on the plane. Charles saw Yannick  and they sat next to each other. When they landed in America they went to  the famous statue and saw that there were not many people.  Miraculously, the glimmering statue moved. Because it was alive  and nobody new were it lived was and one man one particular man found out his name .That man was a good scientist and he worked for news and he  was very popular.

End game

Once a upon a time there lived a bad guy called Thanos and he was in his kitchen and there was a glass of water. It looked just like a glass of water but the gauntlets stones were in it. He needed them to make him more powerful. But one stone was missing because the iron man had stolen it. So Thanos hunted for it until he found it at the Avenger station and placed it in his gauntlet. Instantly, he became stonger and now he could teleport were ever he likes like a big ,buffalo and got a ride.

Greasy giraffe

Once upon a time there lived a greasy giraffe and a boy called jimmy. He was greasy because he ate lots of greasy food such as pizza and pepperoni.  Once they were by the beach and the greasy giraffe was the lifeguard and he was the only lifeguard in the world. So once the giraffe went to China and for some reason he turned brown and Jimmy was surprised so they went to another beach and they went in the sea and the giraffe was full of salt and he almost melted  and went to a completely different country island.