moving statues

in a eerie forest there was some static karate sensais master Jim was thinking about arrrrrrrrrrrrg. the static statures wriggled around and turned real, Jim heard it and felt scared. HE FELT THE GROUND SHAKE CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCRASH!!!!!!!!! SUDDUNLY ALL OF THE TREES FELL DOWN WHILE JIM RUNED UNDER THEM. THE STATUES found clues were Jim was.  Jim was running the amulet fell off! Jim didn’t notice. the human-statues got it. Jim went out of the forest. He notice  his amulet was gone suddenly a colossal tree fell down and the human stickmen appeared with the amulet but Jim took it off them

the storm

Outside the posh restaurant there stood some silent, steel and solemn statues. Eventually, an eerie storm came. It blew the soft and wooden chairs over ,the tables wobbled around like cold legs. Unfortunately, the storm blew the shortest statues over. In the news. The news reporter said, “A HUGE STORM RAGED!!!”Camreas were all over the place people were inspieerd by the storm. It broke five skyscrapers.


before the trees where waving in the wind the leafs where rutserling  Josh cycled in the center  of the path. after that Josh put his bracks on because a tree fell down he slowly turned around. Josh was frightend  he triped over a rock and fell down a whole he saw this thing that shimmerd  and was like gas particales he diped his hand in there it was as red as a snake. he  looked worried then he looked at a clock it was near dawn. then he dipped his head in the portel it was amazing to see Spain


In the beginning  the good father Christmas was flying on his slay, it was snowing on snow. Little did father Christmas know a robber was in the snow, and  wanted to steel  the presents. He was dressed like Father Christmas. Each time Father Christmas delivered the presents,

Week 13: Phone Call by Rory

I whent into the phone box and put in a fivep coin and I wanted to tell my mum something important. It sounded like a pinball flicker. My mum screamed whith Excitement. Well it sounded strange. She said that the tiger was blocking her escape. She was a weak explorer. I whanted to Just Jump fro the little phone as if it was a portel. It was a small place in the phone box. I could of ifen Jump in it. Now I was worryed an anxious. I heard a mumble. The jungle was noisey. Mum screamed with excitement now.