It had been raining all morning, when Louie and Tim were away on an adventure. Louie was a brave kid, fearless, strong and had success in all climbing activities. Tim was spineless, weak but had great intelligence. They lived in Black Horse lane. One night Louie woke up with surprise.  He sprinted outside to tell Tim, but his shoes got drenched in a flood. He franticly waded through the water to tell him he scampered to the front door.

Aeroplane trip!

One cold day, Mrs Joes HAD TO FLY AN AEROPLANE! She knew this would be her last, because she was retiring . but she said to her self ” I can’t make any mistakes. ”

She was planning to go to Greece. She was sometimes fearless and, sometimes worried. Mrs Joes was happy that she would win £100. She was on the aeroplane now. She franticly  looked at the petrol .

All the passengers come on pushing each other. They all went inn, in a hurry. they shot up in the air at the speed of light. However, she couldn’t believe what she had done

ice cream

One mysterious morning,  Jonny was laying on the sofa ” I WANT ICE CREAM!” he moaned. Jonny was one of those boys who would make a  terrible din if he  didn’t have any ice cream. His mum gorger  was one of those mums who would starve if she didn’t have a burger. He opened the blind “WOW” he shouted there was a ice cream van, his greedy mum stepped in. He saw mr mullin the ice cream man leveed the van all alone “when did it arrive?” I said. He causally creped out of the window he took an ice cream.

tripe to New York

One impeccable morning, I went to New York. I got my teddy, but how did he get up there  on top of the cupboard? I cautiously peeked my head out of the window, so dad couldn’t see me. Immediately I saw the statue of liberty . I ran downstairs ,and I opend the door to say hello to mister Parker , ” hello young man how ya doing” he asked, “fine thanks” I mound ( because I was teird ) he gave me a 1$ note. to spend in the arcade but , I gave it back to him (because I was a kind boy and kind

loopa loopa!!

One unusual  day I had an extraordinary dream about a loopa loopa monster and I wanted to see if it was real, so I got off my ramshackle bed. The monster was scaring everyone, but what if I was in charge of the police? I seized my backpack, but I was scared of the eerie loopa loopa. I rushed over the creaky floorboards. In the distance i could see  her, she saw me too. She throo a person on a poilice car I blinked then I blinked again it was all a silly old dream I said to my self