the adventures

once their were four children called Ella poppy ava Sockie  they loved adventure the wood one day someone oferd .them it  looked just like a glass of water so they drank it tased like j2o so they walked to the end of the wood . they sore aportall so they went throe it they found a talking lolly op  they found a strem so they got a biscuit and jumped in a stream it toock a long jerne to get there but we sore the close island so they jumpet  off to swime there they finle got there and it was home


Once upon time there was two little girls called Ella and Poppy they where going to school  no odnery school a slepover  school it was are 1 tearm we said god bye we got are stifcut we loockt at are room we unpack t are stuff we went to have dinner we had fish fingers and mash then we head id back