the batle

once there was two girls called Ella and poppy they were best friends until they hade the biggest argument they hade ever hade before then they were allways there friends started walk,t off they ternd into [ink and red  the school ternd into a battle filled there wetre  polpoe getting hert and badle ingerd they hade a massive team off 20 and the pinks hade 12oo and they lost 50 some polple dide becase it was so boring and pain full no one hade seethes then every little thing hade gon the two girls sore and seen what they don rong now there friends

brownie camp

once there was 3 girls called poppy and alice they were going on a trip whith there brownie pack as they were arriving no one was there so they called the leader she said I can see you were in bedroom
ok I see you now bye so they started to have fun they wacht a move the greatis shouman then they lifted there bags on the shelf it was havier then I exspect so poppy jroped the bag it fell on her foot and she screamd and cryd in pain then she got in the bed and fell asleep soundle


once there was a girl called Bella she was a tourist she loved to go on trips her favourite place is Disney land pairs she was a kind hearted she loved  the dragon ride also the fire works one day it was her birthday she was as happy and exsited to go back home  the air  port they loved to be mine they were bullies they evaie they just wont won,t tacke of so she went right to the captine and said I wont to go home no they hade big argoomant to diside  will let you go home yes .

candy land !!!!!!

Once on a stormy night 10 people were ridding a bicycle desperate to go on a trip to Italy some were hot. on the way they fell of there bike into a different land candy land every thing was sweet walking along trying to get out we got stuck in a jelly baby. they managed to get out some how so they went on making candy carts so they can get out much faster. every thing started to melt the carts melt a miracle happened they ended up in Italy they had lots  of yellow pizza very greedily but they was warned.

under the sea

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Lilly and she was a she loved to go to the zoo her favourite animal was a elephant so they went for her . birthday she loved the seahorses her the one she loved the purple  one the was the and