the demons guitar

Once there was a world of demons. There was a war against the ultimate guitar. It was on the beach city for thousands of years. There were super violent attacks at beach city because of Thanos. He was so powerful no one could defeat him because he would just click with his hands. They had no choice but to fight over the ultimate guitar. So they used all their weapons  to defeat Thanos. So they went to the worst dimension ever. It was called the galaxy. They found Thanos. They had a big war. They defeated him. They had won.


In a planet called earth. There was this man called Oscar. His best friend was Gregor. They were doing a race in the weirdest forest ever. It was super dangerous. Gregor: wait! it’s to dangerous! Oscar: no it isn’t! So they did it anyway. 3…2…1…GO! They ran & ran and made it to the maze. They were so confused they found this weird thing which they found with a brain. So they pretended to wear them. So the guards let them pass the maze. They just got shot by slowness arrows. They found a path to go home. well that’s it.

Jeff adventure

One stormy night, there was a boy called Jeff.  He went to the sand kingdom and found a tree that was empty. What a surprise. There should of been a peace of diamond’s stuffed in a treasure box. Then there was a rampage on the beach, so he slipped out of the beach. Something odd happened. Because a catastrophic accident happened. He was very soundless to go home. He was super wary telling his that he was a superhero. He needed to save a frog.  So he  went to the most terrible place in the world. He found the treasure.

dry bones

Once there was a dry bone who lived in a fire kingdom. Then there was a knock at the door. ”hello”. It was a fiery pink monster. He looked kind, gentle and cute. The fire kingdom was saying… ”beach day”. So they went to the beach. It ‘s temperature was 82 degrees. At the beach everyone was having a great time so they were having fun to. Then a firework exploded in the sky. Then everyone screamed ”pac man”. They all ran with sacrament. Finally they were saved by super bean. And pac man got into the portal well bye byte.

the pumpkin

There was a pumpkin called Oscar. He went to the woods and saw a bike in a tree. He pulled it out an peddled. Then he went home. So he got his book and started reading. He stopped went outside and got in his car. He went in darkness with his torch. He went home and started reading again. He had his breakfast then he found a penny. So he was feeling very hungry and ate baked beans on toast. So he went to church. And he went to the skate bourding park. He went home to bed the end.