the majic her.

Once upon a time  there was  a girl. She was called Millie. She loved books and her yellow her. she had a step mover she was a wich she cast spels on people that gos nir her. hse got very lonely because of her muver. millie was sad because she was dtermon to move out but her mover did not let her moov out. at nite she snuc out of her home she got lost in the forisd she met agorilla. he asked wer ure you gowing. she told him she sied she is moving tgo a brik hals filled with colourful hearts.

The Animal Rescuer

Once upon a time there was a boy called Henry. He wanted to be an animal rescuer.  Henry went to find some animals to rescue.  He found some ladybirds.  They were in danger. People were dropping litter everywhere. they wer getting sgwooshd he sor they getting sgwishd.he savd them  ther fancd henry sied nofing in ay days werc. henry set of to find mor anmors he fand mor anmolsto was mor ladey bugs.

Sweetie World

One morning, in New York City, Olivia was going to school. She noticed candy. It was making people sick. It reminded me of a time when candy ruled. I made an antidote. It didn’t work. The people got more sick.  I couldn’t fix it. I faned a now antidote.I yosd it the helpd the people.the people chid and sed hray .I didont get efree woun.Iwento getthey.

they mite be the three billy goats  statues with kapes on . one has big horns one has little horns and one has medeiom  horns .  who mite have  put them there or who made them ?