Once upon time, there lived an elephant  and many other animals and there was a lion and that lion was the king because he was the only kind of his species so all of the animals always worshipped him. One day the elephant bumped into the king and he invited him over for a feast. At the feast, there was lots of delicious food and everyone enjoyed the meal. Then the elephant delivered his speech.

For his speech hi said I love you all and thank you for in viting me to your feest your hinoos the mill was dilishoos.


The wizard,s potion

Long ago lived three wizards that found out that their parents had been poisoned that day. The three wizards  were called Sarah, Ron and Harry. Then they got taken to a boarding school. It was horrible. It was full of scary sculptures and pictures so they ran away. They ran to their aunt’s house and felt very thirsty.  They saw a drink.  It looked just like a glass of water, so they drank it all up then they shrunk .Then they felt lick evrery one has sronc.They serchd and serchd  for acyoor then they fownd it and they dranc it.




the gerl how finds out she is wich

Long ago lived a girl called Sarah.

She lived  with her mother . One day she found out she was a wizard and when she went to school she saw  her friend  and then accidentally set her bag on fire.  Her friend was called Lille loved greasy chips and she always got sent to the prinsobol,s ofis. sudonl Lillie and Sarah disapird in fic smoce. theywock up in the jungall.

the ninjoos.

there   were two ninjas  they were brother and sister  they were cold  meya and city  one they  grow tiod of fitting  brother sow they went home there mum said wiy ur you home then she pushed  them alt of there halls the halls  was in the wood  it was getting dark then they got lost they woods around the woods . they herd were wolfs so they ran as fast as they could thay sor it it  was sleeping naw thay cam closa  it woc up and chasd  them  the wolf hald agen then he losd them thay wer rill glad.