Way back in once upon a time land, there lived two heroic twenty  year old girls who loved animals.  One morning they got there passports ready and went to the African Rainforest. Bella and Bethany looked out of the window with their pets Hannah the hamster and cleo the cat. When they got there they built a tree house and slept their for the night but when they both woke up, and it had been raining all morning and when they goggled it. And guess what it said THE GREAT FLOUD!!!so they quickly thought about the animals so they got all the animals and put them in the hut.


The Run Away Animals

One sunny day ,there lived a young lady called Amber. And she was the best farmer in the land, she had cows, pigs, horses, chickens.  So she let them out but then THEY ALL RAN AWAY. Into bushes up trees . Just at that moment her friend Annabelle came and asked her a queston ”why are all the animals gone she said” ” there not” Amber said  ”LOOK why have they all gone then”. ”I guess you did it then”. However , she couldn ‘t believe what she had done. So together they got the animals back to the farm    and lived happily ever .

the spies

One night, a postman came and deliverd  to a farm and left. What was it ?Nobody knew but some body knew and it was Eloise. So she took it to her hide out and opened it. It was a snake and a bat, but just then some body came in. “Hey Matilda look” and I’m going to go and spie but “When did it arrive?” I said oh now. Bye,  so Eloise spied but then some body saw her and took the pets she tried to stop them but she couldn’t  do it what should she do but then Matilda came and saved the bird.

The Secret Supers

One misty morning , on a farm a girl called Rosita heard a strange noise in her bedroom .Just then she got changed into her super hero outfit. Then she zoomed into London and defeated the criminal. So she went back to the farm very quickly and waited and waited and waited for that beep. Then there was a beep. So she got changed and zoomed to London and then she saw that BIG BEN WAS FALLING DOWN.  So she tried with all her might, but something hit her, so her little sister came and saved the day. THE SECRET SUPER HEROS.

The Luminous Yellow Flower

Once upon a time, a long long time ago there lived a little girl called Ash. Early one grey morning, Ash was walking in the wood and touched a luminous yellow flower, and turned  into …a pair of wooden legs in the forest. Many years after that, two old children were reading a story about the girl who turred into the legs. After the story the two children went to the forest and they saw the legs. They followed the legs to a luminous yellow flower. When they held it the legs vanished and Ash came back! What a shock!