The flying rope ipad

One day, Martynas and Ella went to somewhere else to see magic. Martynas said did you know that ipad can fly Ella said no what your talking about . One morning, Martynas went for a walk and saw a man his name is Steves jobs he hold rope with ipad. So he ask some questions and ran over to Ella. Then, it flew away and got lost into the middle of space. Sonic flew away into the space and got it . Unfortuantely, the ipad not work Steve jobs fixes and fixed and it work. So people having fun worked it good.

The Lost Bicycle on dangerous forest

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Molly who was about 15. She was lost in the middle of the woods. One day, she went for a bike ride and crashed into a dark house that  she had  never seen before. She opened the door and saw a blood stained,  wooden table  with code says don’t look behind but, she didn’t care and  the  Man  rescue me.      She felt worried but, the man  says it was a Secert, Man who did it she take it to know where she live.   Once she came home she, notice  letter said bye.

Blood Night Scary at 1AM

Once in night Martynas Just having a sleepover with Girls And Boys  Having a Midnight Feast is Marshbellow  carmel Toffe On Midnight Martynas and Friends having Sleep. Now at Midnight  Martynas wake up and screamd a Vampire Tiger  and Blood Godzilia  not Screamed  Friends And wake up Tip Tope Downstairs and scramed Everywhere coverd Red  And  it is Gone .Having a rainbiow Milkshake After That It Back again Blood Godzilia  Told that engine of Robot is Dissapear Found It And Fix it  Done Friends And Martynas  Back To bed At Mornning It told that happened Yesterday  and boom  The End.

The airline of Emirates Airplane

Once there is a Biggest Plane  in the world wich it calls emirates it is Vip And lots of bed first class everthing also bar .Captian Martynas  speaking were about to take off so they did people or kids can get bar  kids would only play toys . Captian Martynas Speaking we have 7 hour 42 Miniutes and  Captian Jessica said  we have a Big Trublunce and it just up and down . The Crew Members are enjoying it  and the The women tried to have a bath and have  nice honey soap she smell nice . Captian Martynas said we land it done ever.

The coin master

Once in Coin Master there was a brave boy called Martynas. He was in Candyland and he was on level 25. Laura was level 2350 because she started it a long time ago. Some people had a  trillion coins.  Martynas went up the steps into his huge aeroplane. He wanted to fly to Italy. He started the engine but when it just wouldn’t take off he felt sad.  He got the instructions and fixed it with his hammer and screwdriver. The plane took off and he  landed in Rome. He went to a hotel and ate delicious pizza and visited the Colosseum.