Town near the sea

A long time  ago there was a town near the sea. Everybody thought it was an ordinary town BUT NO because every  year they got wishing rain… I hear you ask, “What is wishing rain?” It’s a rain were you can grant one. It had been raining all morning when a little boy called Lincoln headed out to the beach to read a book. He read about wishing rain in the book and soon later this rain started to fall he knew it was the wishing rain and said I want to experience a monster! A monster appeared “RUN QUICKLY”…

the moon stone

 One magical day there was a elf princess called mercy . She saw that the moon stone had disappeared the moon stone is a stone to power the light of the moon. she thought in her head ” who would steal the moon stone”. she thought again “oh no jack frost has it but I cant go there he’s too powerful for me” “ill do it for the kingdom” she said . She flew to jack frost’s palace. Outside the door were danger cubes she started to sing to get them to sleep. It worked! She crept inside and grabbed the stone however she couldn’t believe what she had done …

marcy the meerkat

Marcy the meerkat’s  home is in the half Luna moon forest. Her favourite things are mythic clouds and the enchanted waters of aqua.  She does not like dry, sandy places and cooked carrots. She can move really quickly and has AMAZING reflexes. She has a sceptre witch has healing powers.   She has a little blue blanket with a warm teddy as a comforter. She loves having her sleeping mask wherever she goes – the same with the comforter and blanket. She has dark brown fur as soft as a bed sheet and pitch black eyes to stare the baddies  FAR AWAY.


One dark misty night there were two girls. One called icicle and one called  snow. They had a sleepover and told a scary story about a ghostly night rider. icicle looked frantically at the wall. why   later on they went go to the graveyard to check out how creepy it was. Later on, they went to the graveyard crimson coloured clouds started to appear and a terrifying shadow appeared around them they call him the NIGHTRIDER HE SHOUTED” COME HERE”  he has a huge red cloak and a black eye as dead as night would they survive this NIGHTRIDER MUHAHAHA…

the forbidden forest and the lost adventurer

A few centuries ago, there was a young adventurer. One day he went into the forbidden forest but never came back to the village… A couple years later, the adventurer’s wife had given birth.  The daughter grew up but she always wondered who her dad was killed by so one day she tried going  to the forbidden forest. She was strolling along until…She found her dads legs. She thought that his torso fell off but who had turned him into wood she wondered?  What if she was next? She was very scared and anxious.  The forest was very perilous.