The Amethyst Portal

A long time ago, there lived a boy called Zach who was 10 years old. He was an only child but had lots of friends. One day, he went out with his friend, Oliver, and asked if he wanted to jump to roof to roof with him and he said yes. when he went on the first roof he felt something pulling him he grabbed hold of a pole on the house. “I’m trying to hold on!” he shouted to Oliver. Oliver saw that it was a portal that looked like amethyst but it suddenly disappeared. “Lets never do that again!”

The Wishing Bicycle When They Meet Wince

After they went to Wizard land they came back to their play room. Suddenly a tiny fairy appeared Delilah and Jamie ran to the wishing bike when it just wouldn’t take off. They went to the fairy thinking it was a doll and then they touched it “It doesn’t feel like one of my dolls!!”Delilah explained.  “What is your name” Jamie asked. So the fairy said “Oh my word people around hear are so weird and by the way my name is Wince” Wince said.  “hey I remember that bike my granddad gave it to a shop” Wince excitedly explained!!!