The Flying Bicycle

Once upon a time, there was two twins called Delilah and Jamie. They had a flying, yellow and double bicycle. “Lets go to candy land” said Delilah “Ok, that will be fun” answered Jamie. They went on the bike and said both together to the bike “up, up and away.” They flew high and saw Stormy and her black bicycle. Stormy had a wand and cast a spell on their bike. Suddenly, the bike went crazy but they soon made it stop. “Lets not go to candy land” said Jamie. They rode back to there play room soon they were safely back home.

A Big Christmas Disaster

One cold evening it was five days till christmas. There was two children called Olivia who was nine years of age and Tommy who was sixteen and there mum was a vet she was helping little animals there dad was in war. That day Tommy said “Livie i’m going out with with my friends” When Tommy went. “bye” Olivia said. Tommy went when Olivia was spying on him. When Tommy went down the street to meet his friend him and his friend broke into a red slay and was about to take off but that guy was Santa and shouted ” top thats my slay!!!”

Esmay And The Stone Which

There was a girl called Esme.One bright morning, Esme was going to meat her friends at the town square. Suddenly, she bumped into this stranger “Sorry my mistake…” She began but, this lady interrupted “I will look out for you child” She growled. Fortunately Esme found her friends they were¬†