One day there lived a boy called Harry Potter and he attended Hogwarts. One week he was walking to the forbidden forest. As he was walking across the bridge, the dark lord came, Voldermort . Lord Voldermort said a spell and Harry was hanging onto a bridge. Harry was terrified he was going to fall a hundred feet, but Dumballdore came and did a spell on Voldermort. And Dumbaldor hoist Harry up and herminey and ron came rushing quick as they could and herminey and ron brang four brooms and they all got on and flew away as quick as they could.

ariana grande

Once upon atime  there was a famous singer called Arianagrande. But one day she went in to starbuks to see that they made a speciel drink for her. and the drink was called the pink drink. But the pink drink  hadv eddiblr glitter.But  she gets piosend and she has a consert later two night . BUT THE PERSON HOW POISEN















My heavy sister

It was a stormy night and my sister was  glancing through the window and she heard lightning . My sister jumped and got scared so I tried to pick her up my mum called me from up stairs but she said to pick her up .I said to my mum that I can not pick her up and she’s heavier than I expected . My mum told me to cook her dinner but the boll was to heavy so I called my mum from up stairs but my mum was to tired so I ordered pizza but my mum did not know.

The high school Girl trouble

Once there was a girl and it was her first day at school.  Early in the morning she went downstairs to have her breakfast and she was so excited to go to school and then she got her coat  and loked  the door. SO She unloked the car but the car would,t take off. So she tried again but it did not start so she tried again but the car was shaterd , broken and old. So she had to walke to school … but the school was 20 minutes away so she had  to take the buss and there were old people