looking back when I was small

I will never forget the time when I was small and me and my sisters went    to feed  the ducks and I was only 3 when my sister put me in her dolly buggy  . One evening we  came back and we ate some delicious dinner  .After we went in the bath and got washed and washed our hair then got changed in pjs and we put a film on I glared at it . Then when I went to get my teddy  but it wasn’t there so I said to myself  it has vanished but I found it we went to bed .

Maxs day out

One sunny morning there lived a boy called Max .He was on holiday and he saw lumps of mud.  It was squelchy .He was unpacking his suitcase in his hotel. I was having fun at the hotel .I saw one of my friends. His name was Archie.  I called Archie . So we can go out together he stopped and looked around he saw me  and I ran down stairs an went out the door and we went in a Restront  together and order something on the list .They ate it all up .  so we went  and  played at the park together .


The empty chest

One cold morning there lived a girl called Emma .She had a cute puppy and  she loved playing. Then they went to the shop. Then they got a drink and a snack. They went home. It was dinner soon and they played until the house went soundless . Emma saw her toy chest, but it was empty. What a surprise! The jewellery and the gems were gone! Odd she said what should  I do . The they  thought  mm what should we do. Time For dinner yum yum

The teacher


One sunny  day there lived a teacher she went to get in the bath because she wanted to smell nice for the party  is the time to dance with her partner  she was very  clumsily at dancing it is time for the big time for the big time