The Haunted House

Once, there was a misty haunted house . It was down a gravel path and a sign said, “Do not enter or you will be terrified by the ghost”. Meanwhile, a boy named Joe and his husky named Bob saw the haunted house. Then they crept down the gravel path.
“Aarr,” shouted Bob.
A bolt of lightning had struck. Then they got to the door and opened it. After that Bob disappeared. Joe frantically looked for Bob then crimson blood appeared. He saw a ghost. Then Bob came and scared it off. Outside they saw a grave that said “Bobby”.

The lava eagel

Once in the spooky land of Slayer Meadow, wizard Dexter was making magic potions in his hut.  Then he alerted Jeff and his wolf Bob. Then Bob got his armour on and Jeff got his armour on and picked up his enchanted sword and they rushed of. They ran throw the magical forest and into the wizard hut. “Jeff, Jeff “, said Dexter.

” what is it “, replied Jeff.

“you know the lava eagle it lives in a cave”, explained Dexter, “let’s go” and they went.

They got in the cave.

” There it is ” he shouted and ran up and killed it.

the squirrel

Once, in a garden there was tree that was really tall. At the top there was a big nut. Then a squirrel scuttled along with his family and then saw the nut and stopped. Meanwhile, his family scampered away. The squirrel’s name was Sam. “Yummy,” grinned Sam. Then he scuttled up the tree recklessly . An hour later, after he climbed up the really tall tree he reached and reached and just grabbed it then had a little nibble. He looked down and yelled “Eek.” A Lady said, “But how did that squirrel get up there?” Then he got saved.