Vaxzedan retunes !!!!!!!!!!

Many centuries ago, in a vast forest seven kung fu masters were learning new kung fu moves. “Achh!” said one.  “No Aching!” said the grand master. Crash! Two colossal trees came tumbling down then the grand master kicked in two and Vaxzedan (a ancient god) got summoned. ” Master why are you here?” asked the grand master.  Then, an eerie midnight darkness hit the sky!…

The land of no tomorrow!!!!2.0

Then, he dashed to the sea and sat on a sandy cliff, his cape was waving in the wind. And after that he stood and …. fell of  the cliff! Bang, crash pow and  boom!!Finally, he hit the sand.  Then silence. The next day, his slave fawned him laying on the beach and the king came back home. When he woke up, it was a vast day like no other. The king went back to the kabuki  and punched them in the face, lip, arm, neck and many more places. Sadly, the show that very night was cancelled. Everybody was gloomy/sad.


After T.p and Kian got out of  the Dark lands again, the amulet was tried to alert Kian that the western diamond back venom snake and you can only see it when Gunmar is around !!! ” GUNMAR IS HERE!!!!”exclaimed the amulet. Gunmar launched the amulet down thee drainpipe it came down the drainpipe. Then, Bular punched it to Kian, “Aaahhh!” said Kian. Gunmar launched T.p into the limestone walls  Bular put Kian, T.p , Aaaarrggghh and JuJI into killer head bridge and locked them into the dark lands forever! Gunmar, Bular, the Gumm Gumm army and Angor rot took over the world!

Fo Fum’s Adventures

“What a sunny day!” exclaimed mum. “I agree.” Said dad. Then, Josh spotted Fo fum “omg Fo fum! Best day ever! shouted Josh .  Just then, Josh , mum and  the huge eerie  dad came to life .  Accidentally, they waked Fo fum. Fo fum attacked them with rage!  The dad was exasperated  and he was now raging red!!!  “You will pay for that you over grown rat!” exclaimed dad with ferociousness. He ran after Fo fum. ” Come back here!” said dad. Then, they all turned back to stone!


The land of no tomorrow!!!!

Once, in the forests of Japan, an eerie black and white castle sat on a green and yellowish carpet of grass. And people that go in never come out! Weirdly, one sunny day the king of the eerie castle magically teleported to the worlds famous Tokyo kabuki theatre.  Just then, he tried to kill the kabuki  so there could be no show that night! Then, the strongest kabuki punched the king with rage. ” You will pay!” said the king with furiousness. The king was exasperated and left with only a poof.  Sadly, no one know what is in the castle!!