Dark Forest

One stormy day, in a dark forest lived magical animals. The king was… BLOBY! He was a kind slime monster with a pet, Sloby the crocophant. They slipped to the purple tennis shop and grabbed a tennis ball. The animals were getting attacked by the dark minotaur. Bloby was determined to win. “Sloby attack!” shouted Bloby. But then, out came Lakodo the ultra leopard. Lakodo killed Sloby. The whole world even Ultra Man helped and they all killed The dark minotaur and Lakodo and his Vableu army. After years, they all became famous and they made a great team.


the crystal adventure

One rainy morning, a girl called Sara was getting ready to go on an adventure in the jungle to get the crystal of life. She was so excited to go. She got in the green and black jeep at once. As soon as she got to the jungle she climbed ran but the a river stopped her. So she dived in but an crocodile bit her on the leg. After hours she got to the temple and steal the crystal. However , she couldn’t believe what she had done!

lost in the jungle

One dark night,  explorers were hunting with red  jackets on. Then, a bull started  chasing him . After a while, a elemental anaconda started chasing the bull. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress ! Soon it was day and the explorers got in there steel camper van . Magically,  the elemental anaconda created a tornado. And they both got sucked  in! What were they going to do? Now the sky was an eerie blue. Will we see them again? All that was left of them was a big bunch of bones! ” Ha they died!” grinned the anaconda spitefully.


 In a countryside far, far away, lived a pig called pigjoe he was looking for his friend Cowwo the cow. Then, suddenly…darkness hit the sky!   Pigjoe was terrified and sprinted home. When he arrived at home, he threw the covers of his bed over him! Just then, a meteor hit the earth and sixteen giants came tumbling out of the it! Cowwo did a sonic roar and killed all of the colossal giants! But still darkness was in the sky. After hours, darkness was still in the sky. After days, darkness was still in the sky.  What will happen next?…

Master Rhino!

A long time ago in a  realm far way, a brown goldfish was swimming in a colossal lake. Then,  the fish magically mutated into Super Goldfish! He attacked everything from monsters to ogres to goblins and saved aliens from monsters and people from aliens and more. Then the Venomous Viper of the Venoms realm threatened planet Obserderiea. Nobody could defeat him, not even Super goldfish.  He climbed up a  ladder slowly…  and jumped off a cliff and flew to India and got master Rhino! When they got home Master Rhino saw the viper and spat out gravel and killed him!