Once upon  a time little Timmy was playing ROBLOX at 3 am  what is a haunted hour so little Timmy was very scared but a orange person the orange person spoke first and said hey you  noob after when he said it little Timmy got hacked and his page started to spin and it said in really big words I hacked you ha ha ha get wrecked but little Timmy  only had to click a botton to make  it go away when it went away he was in the orange persons account and the orange person was in little Timmys account TO BE CONTINED.


once in bloxburg someone decided to make a game about peppa pig so he made a game where you have to survive peppa pig if she kills you are on the same team if your a boy your George and you got a gun and a mase what is a spickey ball on a chain you swing it aroud and it spike people and that’s deadly,scary and bloody if your a adult your mommy pig or daddy pig the idea for the game was from jeff the killer you are really fast if you  are peppa pig she loves the game THE END

the purple seahorse who loves avocadoes

ones there was a purple seahorse who was named violet because she was purple she had a best friend called Elephant who was made out of bones. she loved to swim around the  sea with her Elephant friend one day she found out that she broke one of her bones  and died because she got cancer Violet got upset very upset about it an went to sea if she was ok . lukely she was ok and fine