The Yellow Gorilla

Once upon a time there lived, a Gorilla that was yellow, and loved running. He was called John and his wife thought he was very pretty. They lived in a house made out of bricks. One day, john wanted to go for a run. After his run he was very hungry so he wanted a banana but their were non left so he went out to get some more.

The Lego man

Once upon a time there lived a Lego man called Sam who was a farmer. One day Sam woke up but there was a knock on the door and he was still in his PJs. Sam quickly got ready into his farmer outfit then Sam opened the door. Surprisingly, lots of ladybirds ran in so Sam put all of the ladybirds into an orange bag then went to a field and started farming. He put the ladybirds in an oak tree where they lived for two years. After farming Sam was very muddy so he went home and started watching T.V.

Katie and the cake land

Once upon a time there lived a girl called Katie, she was ten yeas old.   One day Katie noticed that her house was made out of cake,  and it reminded katie of a time when she ate the best cake she had ever tasted. Last night I heard a sound of foot steps so I hid under my covers, but I could still hear it. I started to get really worried.

Then I saw it.  It was a bear. It looked very scary. The bear wanted to eat me , so I hid under the bed but he eat me up.