The Coffee of Alcohol

Long ago, in a big flat lived a mini family and the adults were called Lizzie and Michael and the child was called Jessica. One day, Lizzie placed a drink on the table. To Jessica it looked like a glass of water so she drank it. Once she drank it she grew and grew until she was sixteen. A few minutes latter, her mum came into the room and said ‘oh my gosh, Jessica darling are you ok’ yes mum I am fine. did you drink that cup of coffee oh yes I did, drink it again and you will become normal again. THE END.

Lost in the forest

Early Sunday morning, there lived three girls called Violet, Lucy and Annabelle, they were all fourteen years old. One day, all three girls woke up and got dressed, brushed their teeth, had breakfast and went outside to play.Once they got outside they saw a brown giraffe, it looked like it had salt all over it.Violet shouted’oh no a giraffe’.

In a museum

One spooky night, in a museum five children called Olivia, Andrea, Mia, Emma and Stephanie went inside the museum scared and worried because of how dark it was and Emma said’ hello anyone here’ she said worriedly. Stephanie wasn’t scared, she walked closer into the museum up the stairs and all of the others followed her. Once, we got to the top of the stairs we all softly sat down on a bench and suddenly a strange looking person appeared, he said his name was ‘Steve’.

The Greatest showman

Once upon a time, there was a mini family, there names were charity, David, Helen and Caroline. One day, the family went to the circus and Charity,      Caroline and Helen watched and the ring master was their dad, David. He had amazing people to help him and they had amazing talents. After they had Fish and Chips for lunch and after they went home to have tea. Then suddenly they heard that there was a fire where there Dad worked to be a ring master and they rushed there immedutly. Once they got their somebody sadly was dead. THE END.