The Elephant Zoo

It was an early morning at the zoo. It was the elephants’ breakfast and they were having leaves. They loved it. Then they walked around the zoo. It was a sunny day  and they had a drink then the elephants met a lion.  They had a great time then the elephant delivered his speech. He told everyone that there were going to be more animals coming to the zoo from Africa. “Be nice and care about them, ” he told everyone, “They are coming next week.” When the animals came, they felt very welcome. There were zebras and cheetahs and they loved it.

my dog

One day there lived  a girl called Isabella . She had two dogs  then her mum called her. Mum said she had to feed the two dogs. “Ok,”said Isabella and she fed them.  “After  mum, can I go to the park  with my friends?” asked Isabella.  “OK. Who are you going with?” asked Mum.  “Freya and Ellie. Who will look after the dog?” she asked.  “The dog can come,” said Mum.  “But no dogs are allowed  in the park,” said Isabella. “But it’s Bring Your Dog to the Park day today,” smiled Mum. Isabella had a nice time at the park.


A littie girl

one day there lived  a little girl she was on the beach  with her mummy and daddy  the little girl was in the sand then she had a ice cream then she gone home but she did now her spade was there  then she fort  of the spade then she said mummy daddy I forget my spade ono she dad  then mum got angry  then the little girl got sad because that was her favrit spade ok I will go there now yes daddy I will be quick ok see you in a minute

woods adventure

One day there lived a girl who was in the woods. It was wet and muddy.  There was a downpour.  The birds were wet and muddy and they couldn’t fly to their mother. The girl saw the birds and she helped them. She had a little, warm blanket in her bag and she wrapped them up and she saw a bird who looked like their mother. she looked  up a was there mother she was in the tree. because it was yellow like the bird it was there mother yes it is it luck time four me she said

a box

one day there lived a girl she saw a box  and it  had some treasure and it was lost of fun but it  was at my granddad house  me and my granddad saw a big lost  more of  treasure when we looked at the