The portal

It was a dark, stormy night and Alice was walking in the park with Freddie and Jessica when they found a big, round, purple portal . It sucked them in “i’m trying hold on ,” Freddie shouted and a few moments later they found themselves in world war 2 there was loud bomb timers and loud, heavy guns shooting there was smoke in the air then when the smoke disepered Jessica was on he floor dead…

The Broken Plane that Nearly Hit Us

I’m going to tell you a story you’ll never believe that actually happened. Do you believe it? It was a dark stormy night and the clouds were grey the path was wet and best friend Jess were walking down a lonely road and heard a very loud rumbling noise  we realised hat it was flying as it flew towards us we couldn’t see what  it was I just then realised it was a plane “no way ” jess replied “its way to low “watch out “I shouted I grabbed jess and pushed her out the way “oh thank you so much ” jess said gratefully . 

saturday’s are the worst day ever

once upon a time there was a boy and a girl called Frankie and Ihansa. But their mum told them to go to the shop so they did but it was closed it never ever closed. Frankie was confused he said Ihansa do you think this weird . So they went home and told their mum and she got so mad and she went for it she grounded us for no reason. Then they said together Saturday’s are the worst day ever. And Frankie really wanted to play with Ihansa. And he got so mad that he recked  the whole place.

Possesed doll made by a clown

Once upon a time, a clown made a doll for children. One day, Bella went to school to find a yellow bicycle outside, all rusty and old.  Bella ignored it and went inside but inside was the doll that the clown made . Bella was petrified and sprinted away soon then she bumped into the clown who made the doll .”hello there” the clown said creepily “excuse me I need to get to class please “Bella said politely “do you know where you are little girl ” Bella turns around and right then all the lights turn off and next to her legs was the possessed doll…



















the red gummy bear

once the was a little girl called Lilly  who was obsessed with gummy bears especially the red ones when she saw a packet of haribows in the store she always begged her mum to get  them and she always did one day she went to a sweet buffet the table was full of bon bon strawberry laces , coke gummy bottles , rain bow sour strips but no red gummy bears ! she was furious and wanted to complain to the manger this second and did what she needed to do and stormed out of the sweet buffet and threw a tantrum on the floor .