the titanic

It was a dark stormy night when Ella decided to go scuba diving but not just anywhere were the titanic sunk she decided to invite some friends Anna and Poppy to go scuba diving with her so they all went scuba diving and after one hour Poppy started to get tired and wanted to go home but Ella and Anna wanted to keep going after twenty minutes they found the titanic they got really excited and wanted to take lots photos and wanted to take it home but it was heavier than excepted because of all of the heavy metal parts

the purple seahorse who loves avocadoes

ones there was a seahorse who love avocadoes the only thing he would eat was avocadoes and the sea water . Her name was Jessica she was purple seahorse she was named after her best friend Jessy her mermaid friend she loves to swim and play around in the water with Jessy one day Jessy and Jessica got into a massive fight about who is the fastest swimmer so they had a race acros the sea the mermaid started to get mean MEANER