I was doing my youtube video about minecraft. Iwas online and I was building my house on a flat surfese .The bricks I needed white concrete,oak bricks,white stained glass and white concrete stairs.I started building the mancion. Sudenly I saw a creeper appeared. I left the door open oh god this is very bad.It went in the mancion it ixplouded it was very bad.It was midnight I saw something it had red eyes I notest it was the red eyed demond ialso saw the bugeman. It leaped out the game totally freeked ooooooooouuuuuutttttt. They kicked me out minecraft  for life.

Mr heavy day

It was a heavy day, Jack was lifting so many wolfs,millions of wolfs.                     There where only one person with a lode of wolfs,it was night time and Jack was back . At the zoo, a MAN CALLED ALEX asked if he could help Jack    to  handle all of those WOLFS. They started getting back on track with those smelly,old and stinky wolfs.There was a wolf what was the most heavyest wolf.They where pulling as hard as they can.They where clamming on for houres now.They finally got him the cage some one found out that they where bad people and called police.