Slime World

One stormy day in the mysterious slime world  Blob  the slime brick was bouncing on his bouncy castle with  his two pets Tennis Leopard and Hedgeroo. Tennis Leopard loved playing with purple and green balls. Hedgeroo  always won but Tennis Leopard always grabbed the ball to play another match. Hedgeroo liked to watch TV and play on his Xbox. All Blob did was jump around all day . But  one day Blob got lost. Tennis Leopard and Hedgeroo looked every place in town. They even checked the place they hated the shops, but when they got home he was just on the roof.


Once there lived a peaceful city underground  .  Just then, a man called  Klicho  had came back to town. Klicho was a mad man. The only people who could stop him was Super Slug and Super Swan! At night super slug and super swan went  to Klicho’s secret lair  to tie up his super special machine gun he used to kill many people. It was stiff and they thought  it was made out of every metal there was . So when Klicho woke up he was definitely a mad man. The police took him away to the colossal jail. “Well that was menacing!” sighed the heroes.

Dan the deer

Dan the deer is new to the midnight zoo . He is very friendly to the other animals. He really likes good friends and super hot spicy chilli. What he does not like is the dark, meerkats and being bored. Dan the deer has got fantastic skills doing martial arts. He is very special because when Dan the deer rapidly runs he is so fast you can ‘t see him. He has been in many   fights so far with he’s friends and he has two little scars on his belly. Dan the deer is very very happy with he’s friends heer.

Scary Scarecrow

One misty morning, in the grave yard the scarecrow shouted, “Hello!” It echoed in the pitch black. Suddenly, frantically, someone strolled into the grave yard. Just then, the scarecrow jumped out on the boy, crimson blood dripped down the boy, he ran and ran and ran back to his home frightened! He realised that the scarecrow was not chasing him but ghosts from the grave yard were chasing him! They laughed and laughed spookily. The boy said, “Leave me alone  you suckers!”   But they did not leave him alone. Finally he got home he realised it was just a dream.


a buffalo chase

Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress  from the herd of buffalos. Suddenly, one of the men tripped over a rock. So the other one came over to  help him. He tried every thing he could do. He really tried to remember what he had learnt in the past but nothing would work . So he dragged him to a place he could not see the buffalos. Finally, something worked. When they both got up the herd of buffalos were darting towards them. Would they survive or would they die from the buffalos?   They jumped on their backs.
Showcase Winner