The Fairy Party

Once upon a time, in a misty forest named the enchanted forest, a fairy named Lyra was getting ready for the fairy party. She had so much getting it ready. She made banners and hung them up.

After about an hour the queen fairy fluttered past. Lyra was so exited she ran up to the queen with the not yet cooked cake! However, she couldn’t believe what she had done!

The dress was the party dress the queen was going to were to the party.

They went to the shop to bye a new one.

They had so much fun at the party.


The Statue

Once upon a time a girl named Elisabeth saw a weird, giant  statue person .  She was a bit scared. Suddenly a wizard came and sliced the giant statue in half .He used a magic sword. Although the girl was terrified she tried to piece  it back together. After hours of working she finally got it back together. Just then the statue started moving! Then it started walking. Elisabeth was very happy! From then they have been best friends forever and I mean best friends forever. when they died they were buried holding hands! That’s so strange! The End for now!     


police force

Two weeks ago, a boy called Arthur  and a girl called Millie decided to sign in for police training. The next day they started police training and first what they did the monkey bars then they did a running course. Millie took 10 minutes to do it so she did it again . But Arthur took 1 minuet . When Millie did it the second time she was even slower so she did it again . She was quicker that time both of them did it one more time although they ran quickly they were still not making enough progress but it was good enough . They finally got into the police force .

sticks in the park

Yesterday, when I went to the park I saw sticks dancing the Macarena others on slides, swings and monkey bars some more  doing karate and building sandcastles. Suddenly, they spotted me and everyone started running around screaming !The one teaching karate came up to me but before he did he ran into a tree and started crying.” what a silly teacher “I said .though after  I felt sorry so I wanted to help him luckily my friend was in the park and she came over to encourage me .Then I went over to help him up after that we became best friends.