The running race

The running race was about to start .Three two one the race was on it was Oscar vs Frankie.  Oscar was winning but Frankie came back and other took Oscar. It was a really close race uh Oscar took other Oscar past the finish line.

boxing match

Once in a boxing match there was a guy called Daniel he was a boxing champion . And one day Daniel opened a box there was a jump scare bye Luca  then they had a fight

The Bike

Once there lived man with a bike.  He went  into the  woods  and  went  up  a  ramp . The next day he made  food  and  got on his bike and  went  to the  woods again. He got there on time and then went on a ramp.  It was a high ramp and he had to peddle fast.  He slipped off and the bike landed in the tree! He fell down the ramp and landed in leaves. And  went home  to  get a  ladder  and to  get  my  bike and there was a storm and got home and had my tea.

the king

Once upon a time  lived a king and he was bad. He want to kill a good man but Gregor  wood not let him  nen  the king  and he wanted to kill Gregor  . And Gregor  wood not let him nen  the kings frieds  came to kill him but Gregor  beet fem up  the king got killed fem nen his