The rocket up in space

One early morning there was an elephant and a lion in the zoo.  Everybody  loved him . One morning an elephant who was on the other side broke out of his cage and went to talk to the lion . He said, “Can you help me become famous?”

The lion replied, “the lion said no ”                                                                                      The elephant started to, choke him  then the lion ,scratched him then the lion started to fly,.The and the elephant went up into the they flew into the shard and Giacomo was standing with coffee cup then  Giacomo defeat him with his  coffee/2minutes later/ .famous elephant  made his fantastic speech.


One day there lived an avenger. He was the strongest  in his group.  There was  a baddie, the shape shifter. He would normally would be out at 4, 00 clock . But it was 5 , 00 clock  we thought it was wide except made be some changes we turned around really he. Probably making a bomb what can blow up the world except for him  an Gregor we can ,let that happen

skeleton vs Ghost

Once upon an time lived a boy  who was just playing in park. when he fell over and he rolled into the grave Yard there was a man inside  he guarded the place just incase somebody kicked the grave stone. And that day he said to that old guy who ran the grave  he said who cares about the grave stone and then he kicked  it and then a ghost  came out and then a skeleton  the ghost and skeleton chast the boy .The boy tried  to punch the ghost but it went strait threw . The ghost punched him . the boy killed both of them


Warelions vs realmadrid

It was greatest game ever Real madrid vs ware lions  the game is on now come on .the game has started .  Ronaldo shot and he scored. Giacomo played qiuckly he played threw the wing and crossed  and headed it in the goal . Gareth bale took it slowly  he went strait down the middle and he got tackled and the ref gave a penalty and Ronaldo took and scored and celebrated. Then a Giant came he had celetap on his foot

The Volcano what a rupted

One day there was a huge volcano and people climbed up it. Two weeks later it erupted. Then everything stopped and then a hundred people were killed by burning hot lava. One boy made it out alive. His name was Billy and he was a super fast runner. He sprinted to the sea close by and met some fishermen from a nearby island who said, “Do you want to come with us to the island?” It was nice and sunny on the island and lots of people were sunbathing. On the horizon Billy spotted lava in the sea where people were swimming…