The new animal named : elephant.

Once there was a kid and her name was Tsunami. She had found out that there was going to be a new animal arrival at the ZOO. She heard it was called an elephant and it was from Africa which was 13 hours away from Australia. But then that wasn’t a good result because it ended up on the news . When the elephant arrived, everyone started pushing and screaming at each other  because they were excited. Then, out of thin air, the elephant just started to talk! Then the elephant delivered his speech…”It’s hotter here than Africa. I want to be leader.”

The athleatic leopard

one rainy day there lived a leopard called Isabella. and there was three boys called Laurence, Finleigh and Freddie his nickname is Fredsta ! And my name is Gracie. My friends are called Alice, Poppy, Martha. I saw a leopard I called it a nick name it was Iizzy . So I asked the boys if they would look after Izzy.We went to pick a berry when suddenly…we found a purple Tennis racket. Martha picked it up and said “huh who’s tennis racket is this?”.  Alice said “I don’t know” Poppy said picking it up “lets  take it to the shops”. she said.

Motonooie escapes

Two years ago  there lived a girl called Primrose. She had two pets called Hay Hay and one called Squealy, Squealy is a micro pig he squeals a lot . He is grey and white. Hay Hays couler on her body is dark yellow , green and red. Primrose had a gun it shoots tranquliser blow dart and bubble gum.

Harmony the snow leopard

In the spy snow land there lives a snow leopard called Harmony. He has lived there for five years.  he spends his days jumping, fighting, spying and climbing trees. He dislikes spiders, vegtibals and soup. his skils are jumping, spying and climbing trees. he is special because he is different to all of the snow leopards in the world he can jump and climb and his powers are shooting and peace. he loves peace and harmony. he likes scaring evil animals. at night he likes guarding the spy snow land. when he feels tired  he dashes to his house and go`s to bed.

Graveyard escapes

Once there  was three  Husky  named Grace, Lexi and Gracie. their owner was called Paige. Lexi  barked “I want to go outside”. Paige shouted” ok we will go out to the Medow “.when they was at the medow  Gracie, Grace and Lexi  ran madly across  the field . Paige shouted “Gracie, Grace, Lexi” but no one  came! she thought  they went to the graveyard. she jogged  to the graveyard. she found her Huskeys. they ran to their crimson house. it was raining by the time they got home