The Toy Speech

One day, in the forest of the carpet there was a young toy elephant.                     The elephant was poor but had lodes of friends so he was happy .                         And there was a rich, famous and powerful King Lion.

One day, the Elephant saw a poster saying who ever saves the King Lion from the bed will win thousands of toy pounds.                                                            The Elephant thought “this is a great opportunity for a speech.”                          So he thought up a speech.

so on the stage  the Elephant delivered his speech ” if you find the king on the bed we can share the money!” end.

The Mesa In Minecraft

One day, there was a Mincraft player who lived in the Jungle  .                                        He wanted to go to the mesa because there was so much dimons there .                   He was only in ion armer you’d thinkthats amazing but he was in hard chore mode.                                                                                                                                                   Evry time he tried to get there he died by creapers .                                                            So one day, he had an idea to block out his under ground tunel .                                   


once upon a kingdom there was a almighty king called dog henry springer (this is Gramps and Grandma dogs dream when he collapsed and got knocked out ) .                                                                                                                                So back to the story the dog wanted to get the palace finished before his favourite dog called I don’t know the name of the dog and its breed and Henry said ” but it is so slow I think she will be here soon” .                                    Second in command replied “we need more money but I can force her to…” (Henry awoke ) and sore a medick who was about to stab him then she didn’t.

www world

One day in www  world there was a alien called Bob. “Which way to the shops?”, it panted angrily at its wife Bobeaner.  (It was an angry alien.)

“Left, left and left again,” replied Bobeaner. But she was lying and when Bob went she flew in a spaceship back to earth.  Bob ended up back at his home and he was really angry with his wife but he could never find her.  He wanted to get his revenge but he didn’t know what planet she was on. He explored the whole universe but she was actually in a different one.

big foot

one day it was Barcelona v ware lions started playing it was kick of after 10 minutes Barcelona where on a stunning attack with Neymar on a amazing sprint up the left wing he did a asstonating  cross to Messi he kicked it as hard as he could at the goalkeeper  brock his hand so they needed a sub goalie but they had none left big foot came he was a good goalie because his foot covered the hole goal the opposite team started kicking him they all got a red card except there goalkeeper so they basically one the end