My clean little sister

Once upon a time there was a girl called Freya and she had a clean little sister called Ava. She was so clean that she had a bath three times a day. She said to her one day, “Do you want to play in the muddy mud?”

“NO I don’t want to get dirty,”  she said.

” Okay I will go on my own,” said Freya sadly.

Ava watched her sister having fun in the mud and she thought about other people having fun and went to play.  They ran about in the mud and jumped up and down but they were exhausted.

The yellow,pretty Gorilla

Once there was a gorilla who was yellow and pretty.  He loves to smell bricks But hats running and is very very yellow. one night he went to bed and when he awoke his mum said you are going school if you like it or not. ”But every one will not like me” mum said ”you are going to school ” and went to school.

A giant came to town

Once there lived a dragon who loved to eat . One day , the giant came to town and I got MAD because he had’s been saying go away for years and it reminded me of that time when a dragon rampage throw the trees . And then I gave up and flow away to the sky . And then , I herd some one say hello I was happy because it was my first ever partner . Her name was Freya I licked her . And then I flow down with her and killed him