Once there was a family of 4. There was twins called Max and Ava and when they were going on a plain to America. When they got there they went on there mum and dads phone and played ROBLOX. They played mini games on ROBLOX like adopt me and work at a pizza place.

purple gets lost

Once a girl called jess moved house. But, not any old house a house with a pool, cinema and it has 6 bedrooms. And also I have a dog called purple and 2 bros called James And Zack. One day, there was a bone outside so I snuck out while my brothers were eating there avocados and mum and dad were feeding the elephant and the seahorses. But I was to busy talking so purple left the house and I was sad so I went to the shop and he was there and  we went back home in the car. the end.

The new house

Once upon a time there was this family of 5 and today they were moving house. One day, they were in their new house and it was bigger than we thought. There were 4 storeys, a at door pool and even a play room. Soon, Ellie went up stares and check her room and it looked like a glass of water but she DRANK IT. But suddenly she started getting smaller and smaller so l hop on the table and drank it and l stated getting bigger. Finally, l was my on age and l just went down stares. the end.

Gerald the giraffe

”Gerald it’s tea time,” said his mum in the cage of the zoo. For Gerald the giraffe’s tea he had water that had a little bit of salt in it and he also had a big bowl of emerald leaves covered in melted cheese.  One day Gerald was sleeping and a violent storm started and then he woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep.  All the sudden, a Giant appeared and he had greasy hands and a brown hammer. But he was a good giant so he was nice to Gerald so they were best friends forever the end

The spooky house

Two hundred years ago, there was a Family with 5 people in it. One day, the 8 year old girl was getting tired of playing with her 3 year old sister and 10 year old brother so she went down stares and at that second she found an arow potting to the living room so she looked closely and then she saw a dirty door.