Freddie vs thanos and shapeshifter

There once was a boy called Freddie who wasn’t an ordinary boy because he had all the power from bad and good. He met the avengers and he haft to fight them get in the group so fort hulk first second iron man third black panther he got part of the group. He went with his group to get something to eat and fort shapeshifter and thanos

Saving the dog

Once upon time there was a dog met a man the dog said that which way  to the shop panting he ran as fast as he can and he was there in no time the shop keeper he saw the dog in his shop and the shop keeper said a what are you doing here can you not read the sign. you better scram be for I call the animal catcher ok said the dog by. Now he lives on the street but then a person came to recue the dog she let him in the house and they lived happily ever after.

invade of the robots

Once upon a time there was a happy family. There was a  little boy and he was walking down the street carrying some toys when a toxic waste truck appeared. It slipped and then fell on the boy.  Surprisingly, he transformed into a super hero. The toys got the toxic waste on them too and they turned into evil robots. The orange one spoke first. “I will invade the earth, ” he beeped. They destroyed the buildings and got bigger. The little boy battled the robots until they were all destroyed. The world is safe aging and they were never seen in the world. …


the giant

there once was a grumpy, old mean giant  who lived under ground in a giant bunker. then a kid came to play at the park and then the kid found a the giants bunker and he went in there and then the giant was really really mad because everyone fort he was ugly but this kid fort he was really handsome and the giant turned mean to happy he was very nice for now. but a evil wich came and turned mean and he through the boy a cross the room on a bed and a super hero came to help