Once upon a time,  there lived a happy world but one year later things started happening . Volcanos , tornadoes and a raging tsunami wiped out everyone in the world. But two people survived and the second person had a sky ship. But he was nice so he rescued the other guy. And he was struggling and he shouted I’M TRYING TO HOLD OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON tererfiedly.

saturday’s are the worst day ever

once upon a time there was a boy and a girl called Frankie and Ihansa. But their mum told them to go to the shop so they did but it was closed it never ever closed. Frankie was confused he said Ihansa do you think this weird . So they went home and told their mum and she got so mad and she went for it she grounded us for no reason. Then they said together Saturday’s are the worst day ever. And Frankie really wanted to play with Ihansa. And he got so mad that he recked  the whole place.


In the 17 hundreds there was a really really really really strong  man. He lifted the world and the world weighed a trillion kilograms. No one had believed that he could hoist the whole world over his head but people kept glancing at him. Then people came to see him so people could believe him. Then the people spread the word so everyone knew he is the strongest man.

frankie’s jet

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Frankie. Frankie had an awesome jet. And I know he was a little boy but he was really good at flighing. So he asked his mum and dad to go outside with his jet,”  yes they said. so Frankie went outside and when he got in it just wouldn’t take off. Frankie told his parents and they said ,”its all rite Frankie don’t be up set . he ,” said thanks you guys and gave them a big hug.

THE pets

Once up on a time there was a Dog called Oscar he loved to eat food so Oscar went out to look for food .  Oscars oner went looking for Oscar then Oscars oner but it was bed time for Oscar the oner looked and looked and looked for Oscar but the oner did not find Oscar. The next morning the oner still looked but then I wonderd what was behind the door but oscaes vet came to look at Oscar but the vet even looked evry were  but the vet or the oner cood not find Oscar thay  fond Oscar.