Looking back a 5 years ago

It all started when I opened my eyes I could see my Mum my Sister and my Dad. One day my Sister put me in her dolly’s buggy and I fell asleep in her dolly’s buggy. My mum said be careful with her and my sister said I will mummy . But things started to change my mum packed and packed because we were going to move house but we moved in to my nanny’s house and my dad said to me its going to be ok and my dad said that because I did not want to move house yet.

The new puppy

Once up on a time there lived a girl called Lillie. One day she woke up and had an emty breakfast  soon after that Lillie went out for a little walk to the woods . Soon Lillie meet a little puppy that was supprised  she meet it on the way to the woods then she went to the pet shop because she wanted a little puppy when she arrived she had so many to chose from  she picked   a staff and a pug she got a staff and it was 1,000 pounds so she payed for it so off she went home.