The girl and the puppy who were on holiday

Once upon a time there lived a girl called Mollie and her pet puppy called Isabelle. They woke up and had breakfast they had to eat it fast so they could pack there suitcase so they could get on the airplane. They are going to Australia and they got dressed in some beach clothes they went to the beach and mum and dad did to because it was so  hot. We went in the sea we jumping over the waves it was so fun mum and dad were chatting on the blanket that they brang with them they went home.

The girl who disappeared with the puppy

Once up one a time there lived a girl called Emma she had a puppy called Ivy she likes to play games. They to play outside in the garden. They went down stairs to eat breakfast Ivy had some dog food Emma had jam on toast. They went out for a walk on the walk Emma got her magic powers out and disappeared with Ivy. Mum called Emma sounded very odd. They went to a bronze shop in the forest they saw a valiant man in the shop Emma and Ivy rampaged out the shop. Mum called they went home.

Christmas time

Once upon a time there lived Santa and his Elves. They were making  presents for the children in the world. They were exhausted making presents all day long. They went to bed for a bit . Then they woke up and made some breakfast.They continued to work hard during the day hurry up said Santa ok said the Elves. In the grotto they were very busy  making all the presents for the children. Mrs Claus was baking mince pies for Santa and the Elves as they were working very hard in Santa’s work shop . Santa started to load his sleigh quickly.


The peculiar puppy

Once upon a time there lived a girl called Freya she went to the pet shop to buy a puppy. They named the puppy Isabella and they went home, played with Isabella’s toys and raced around the garden for five minutes. Then Mum came home and called us in for dinner. For tea we had pasta Isabella had some dog food. After we went up stairs and Isabella had a nap. And Freya did her homework on her laptop. When it was done she had a bath and went to sleep. The puppy woke up in the night and cried.