the peculiar eye

Once upon a time it was a Beutiful day. The pauclair  eye ball man loved to go and spray eye buel guts at people. And the people did not like it. The eye buel man once tolled us that he will raul the world. And the mer tolled him to go away. And the eye buel man refoused to go away. And sprayed his eye ball guts at him.

godzzilla is attacking the city.

Once upon a time there was a big monster called Godzzilla and his favourite food was yellow bananas. Whenever he ate bananas he got stronger and stronger. And whenever he destroyed a billding he just went home instead. And the next day he found a gorilla who was guarding all his bananas.

Titano Boa

Once upon a time there was a snake called the titano boa. He was just slithering around the world a little bit. Then he went home for dinner and it was mouse pie today. It reminded me of a time when I met the titano boa in Europe. And I was right because my friends said the titano boa was a myth but it looked


King Kong was a monkey that was big and hairy with big knuckles.  It liked to smash stuff, but then Godzilla opened his mouth and shot his lazer out of his mouth, but it seemed to be going backwards.  His brane and his gut,s flew every were. But king kong was keep punching but it went back aging. and he nocked him self out. and ther was no more montsers. the end