Boris theTurtle

Once upon a time there was a turtle called Boris. One day he went out for a very slow walk. When he finished his very slow walk he knew that it was midnight and then he went in his shell and then he went for a nap.  When he woke up he was feeling kind of dizzy because he felt brown salt inside his shell. His shell was greasy and kept seeing giraffes. Then he melted away.

Godzilla is Learning to be a wizard.

Once upon a time there was a wizard called Frankie. And the head teacher was called king kong . And the bad guy was called the tietano bow and he was pink. He used his bicycle to get to Hogwarts. He loved to blow bubbles in the empty Forbidden Forest. He fired eighty eggs into the air because he liked to be a clown.  They all cracked onto his head and the yolk spilled into his eyes. He banged into the trees and knocked them down. He used his wand to to set the tietano bow on fire.


Jobs for men

Once upon a time there was 72 works men.And the boss makes them work for twenty-three horus, but they were exhausted .And the boss doesn’t care about them and evern people.He doesn’t care about life ever aging.Because what happened 32 years ago. He had a wife called Isabella and then Isabella refused to marry him and then the boss got angry so he stayed angry for the rest of his life.