In the 17 hundreds there was a really really really really strong  man. He lifted the world and the world weighed a trillion kilograms. No one had believed that he could hoist the whole world over his head but people kept glancing at him. Then people came to see him so people could believe him. Then the people spread the word so everyone knew he is the strongest man.


Once upon a time, there was a man called mashmello  and he really wanted to be a famous dj . And a cuplle of years later he finaly got a charnce to be the greatest dj in the world . So he went to the special contest and he won the contest and now he is the greatest dj in the world.


Mega Turtle Boy

There once lived a mega turtle called Boris who could turn into liquid. One day he sat calmly in a very warm glass and relaxed.  Then he heard a thumping noise. It was a thirsty child running into the room.  He saw the glass. It looked just like a glass of water so he drank it thirstily. His belly rumbled a lot and then there was a flash of light.  The child turned green and grew a shell. He had become a mega turtle boy!