stive and aliex  wer  in a vilige. “ok stive,” seid  aliex, “I  think we are…” “wait,”  seid Steve, “What the heck is that?” Alex said, “Let’s go check it out!” They had never seen anything like this in the village before. It was a grave. why is there a grave in this village said steve gasp says alex. wat said  steve I see a viliger but it has wit eyes  oh my god

The Minecraft War

Steve had an iron golum army versus Herobryan’s army and his monsters. “Attack!” Steve says. Every iron golum and player and villager attacked. “Finish them!” says Herobryan. All the monsters attacked and the war began. “Aaaaarrrrgh!” everyone shouted and attacked with diamond swords, golden swords and bows. “There are too many of them,” said Steve, “I’m going to need some iron golum help here.” About six iron golums threw the monsters up into the sky and saved Steve. Steve attacked Herobryan and killed him. “Aaaaaarrrrggh!” cried Herobryan.” That was a big war,” sighed Steve, “It was heavier than I expected.”

onece apone a time in mincraft ther was a playr called Steve. He lived in a house with his crafting table and chest. He went on an adventure with his dog. Then he had an idea. He built a boat with his dog. Suddenly, he saw someone just like him. He told his dog to stay in the boat and he said, “Who are you?” Then the player turned round and Steve couldn’t believe his eyes. it was herobrin hello Steve said Herobrin Ive bin expectin you. wat are you doing in my wold. Icam  to destroy  your wold.

The Lost Key

One day there were two boys called Felix and Rory. They had to find a lost key. First they had to cross a deadly, old, wooden bridge on foot. Next they had to go through deadly bones followed by poisonous animals. It might not have been good for nature, but they had to do it. So they got there by elephant and they saw a tree and grabbed an avocado and fed it to the elephants. Under the bridge lived deadly, purple seahorses.