Once there were two kings in Africa and they were fighting.  One of the kings was bad and only cared about money and power. The other cared about making the country a better place. The bad king said, “You’re nothing but a selfish king.”

The good king replied, “Why can’t you be good then people would worship you.”

They began to fight and it was brutal. The bad king threw his spir and stabd the good king aaaahhhh  eeehhh ea aaa NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IM KING NOW OK LETS GO RIP NIGA RRRRRRRAAAAAAHH EEA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD SIGA said ALL IS LOST ITS NOT OVER YET                    tobecontined…

Survival World

“I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted. Laser held on to the edge of the cliff. Five minutes ago he was in a forest, talking to himself about how good he was at survival, when he fell into the ravine.
“rraa see I told my self No night time Zombes rrrraaa rrrr hhh hhh aaaarr wat the YOU,” said Laser.
Volmor stabbed Laser with his weapon and Laser died.

The Woodland Mansion

What the heck is that?  wat  I need dimond armer cripe Wat Neaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaa No it cant it cant wat Tratar Tratar Tratar Sumning Snap Aaaaaaaaaaaah NO Its Hapning again Wat can I do WAT CAN I DO AA AAA AAAAAAAAAAAH Tratar  YOU EDEYAT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH BANG HHHHHHHHHHH WAT WER AM I WER AM I


stive and aliex  wer  in a vilige. “ok stive,” seid  aliex, “I  think we are…” “wait,”  seid Steve, “What the heck is that?” Alex said, “Let’s go check it out!” They had never seen anything like this in the village before. It was a grave. why is there a grave in this village said steve gasp says alex. wat said  steve I see a viliger but it has wit eyes  oh my god

The Minecraft War

Steve had an iron golum army versus Herobryan’s army and his monsters. “Attack!” Steve says. Every iron golum and player and villager attacked. “Finish them!” says Herobryan. All the monsters attacked and the war began. “Aaaaarrrrgh!” everyone shouted and attacked with diamond swords, golden swords and bows. “There are too many of them,” said Steve, “I’m going to need some iron golum help here.” About six iron golums threw the monsters up into the sky and saved Steve. Steve attacked Herobryan and killed him. “Aaaaaarrrrggh!” cried Herobryan.” That was a big war,” sighed Steve, “It was heavier than I expected.”