The Tree Incident

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Esmé who lived with her mum and dad. She went to the wood. climed  a tree in the wood.

But she fell out of the tree. However, she couldn’t believe what she had done and she went to hosplle…

The Dog

One day, a dog arrived at my door. “When did it arrive?” I said. I took her to the dog  park. “by the way my name is Esmé. I let gorgy that’s my dog by the way. she went to play, I sat dawn and red the noostpar one awrr latrr I cilled gorgy  ran back to me I fasnd her led and worrt home but on the way home we sore asp or I went in I fort shall I or shall not I did.


The Statue That Came To Life.

Once, there was a little girl called Esmé. She loved her dog Hannah. She lived with her mum and dad in London and she loved it there. One day HER WORST ENMEY Charlotte came and turned Esmé to wood. But Charlotte said, “You will be in this state for 78945 days and 456 minutes…”. Her mum and dad took her to hospital but the doctors could do nothing about it.  Eventually the years went by and she turned back to normal. The earth was buried under litter and a war was coming. All of the glaciers had melted and the polar bears couldn’t feed their cubs.

The Monkey

Once upon a time, there were two boys. They were brothers called Xander and  Dixon. They were on a walk. Xander saw a monkey  up a tree. So he climbed the tree to tack it a home. “BUT HOW DID HE GET UP THERE?” shated Dixon. “Come back down from there” yelled Dixon. But he did not. As soon as Dixon saw a dog he lost interest. He went to the dog. But Xander got stuk in the tree. Dixon went to the sweet shop. Mum was waiting and waiting for them. But two aws lat There were back…  END

The Puppy that liked to Tinkle

Once upon a time, a soft, furry puppy sneezed.  “Achoo!” he said.

“Pardon?” said a dark, bumpy tree.

“It’s me, a puppy,” replied Mara. He barked at the tree and tinkled on its trunk.

“Aaaaaaarrrrggghhh!” screamed the tree running away shaking his branches.  “I hate puppies, because they wee on us (because we’re trees).”

“Sorry,” barked the puppy, “I’ll clean it up.” And he did. He ran away to grab a cloth and wiped it away. The tree felt cheerful and he said, “Thank you little puppy. Let’s play fetch!” He plucked a stick out of his head and threw it.