The Puppy that liked to Tinkle

Once upon a time, a soft, furry puppy sneezed.  “Achoo!” he said.

“Pardon?” said a dark, bumpy tree.

“It’s me, a puppy,” replied Mara. He barked at the tree and tinkled on its trunk.

“Aaaaaaarrrrggghhh!” screamed the tree running away shaking his branches.  “I hate puppies, because they wee on us (because we’re trees).”

“Sorry,” barked the puppy, “I’ll clean it up.” And he did. He ran away to grab a cloth and wiped it away. The tree felt cheerful and he said, “Thank you little puppy. Let’s play fetch!” He plucked a stick out of his head and threw it.

Sculptures of night


One Day there were three statues. Suddenly, THEY CAME A LIVE. “MWA HA HA HA!” said an evil wizard. The sculptures scampered into the museum and they saw more statues standing still because the wizard hadn’t brought them to life yet. But the grey  standing tuch one and it cam a life. And they tuched the rest of them so they came to life.

Magic Molly

In the beginning Molly was looking outside and she saw a horse and there was somebody on its back.  Esmé was sitting on the horse’s back galloping towards the house. Alice is stuck in a tree shouted Esmé . Lest get Tilly. O cay les go then . Can the horse go eney faster?