the ancient eyyption girl and tutankhman

Late one night,a girl called delila also known as neffertiti   had a super crush on tutankhman  she tried to marry him every day but he is a king .she tried to get slaves to make a ring but it is so slow I cant make them hurry up .
One day, tutankhman banged on the hut door and said” I would like to marry delila I declare to see her now” ” tutankhman I am here ” you are my love will you marry me “yes” and they live HAPPILY UNTIL THE HUMANS CAME IN LUCKLY TGERE WAS NO PAIN IN  EGYPT.

the rise of the new transformers

on a ordaniary  a girl named saide  was running down to the shops . there were lots of people ” what way to the shops ?” it panted I mean her she found the shops at last and bought matirials and a cub wolf to fight people how came near them when she was on her way  home she fought how lucky she was she a risk of being dead . as she was aprouching home she saw 2 cars next to each over they looked a bit like the transformers  but then they rose up and they were new transformers called  russet prime and octumus.

the myserious villige of the small

Have you ever felt afraid for some one? Well this might change what you think.Once in a little mysterious world lived little people they had never been seen until today a soursauruse had found there mysterious little world before any thing he grould” you talk to me what is this place I will make you my slaves” so the orange one spoke first he begad ” king I will bow beneath your feet just don’t make me a slave please ” fine just give me some lush fruit then let me get money by sealing you guys then I will steal you and put you back on you uniqe island.

candy land !!!!!!

Once on a stormy night 10 people were ridding a bicycle desperate to go on a trip to Italy some were hot. on the way they fell of there bike into a different land candy land every thing was sweet walking along trying to get out we got stuck in a jelly baby. they managed to get out some how so they went on making candy carts so they can get out much faster. every thing started to melt the carts melt a miracle happened they ended up in Italy they had lots  of yellow pizza very greedily but they was warned.

the day the world froze

I was walking down the street when suddenly something different happened. There was water running everywhere. That second something happened then every thing stopped and the world froze. It was so cool because I could look at water with out drowning . “I LOVE this,” I thought to myself.  Suddenly BOOM I was in an amazing world. Just like the movies I watched, I was time travelling . Wonderful right? . I landed in a beautiful world half winter half summer half spring half autumn. you could go to any time at all I decided to go home and watch the horizon with my mother.