I’m going to tell you a story and you won’t believe happened to me and my friend Sofia last week. We were totally normal when a huge mass of wind came and picked us up all out of the blue when we heard a cackling laugh as we span around and around . Then something rapidly rushed past . As it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was . I could hear Sofia screaming as we went on threw the enormous wind . About an hour later , we arrived back in my garden . “Well that was a crazy , odd adventure” I exclaimed.

fairy land

Once ,an argument raged between queen Sophie and  king Oliver . One day , a girl was riding her favourite yellow bicycle on her way to school. When a messenger from Fairy land jumped out in front of her . “Mia you must come with me ! ” he cried ”  who are you ? she exclaimed . she followed him into the woods  where she met the queen of fairy land who was wearing a pink, rose  dress     drinking water from a spring made from a pegases

. The  legend says that if a pegases touches its hoof on the ground a  spring of water will spray out

In The Coral

200 years ago, there lived a mermaid called Anna who was swimming through the reef when her farther came slithering out. ”What are you doing in the red coral?” he exclaimed,”Come in now you know it is dangerous. I’m getting you twelve fish today and we are going now.” After they got back, Anna told her father that she was going to a friend’s house, but she actually went back to the red coral. The reason she kept going was because she lost her mother’s neckless with pearls on . She was still looking  when she saw something sparkling in the coral.

The caved in adventure

One night , Lily, Sophie and Anna were sneaking out of the house to camp. As soon as they got out of the house they ran as fast as they could . When they got to the desternation they stopped. Then Anna put out the tents and all of them got to sleep . The next morning Lily was not here ”where is she ” said Sophie . A few hours later, they found a caved in rock . They heard wales from inside the rock fall .” She is in there ” exclaimed Anna they hauled up a bolder ”it was heavier than I expected said Sophie .

The wishing bicycle and the trip to wizard land

One day , Jamie and Delighla were one their way to wizard land . They hopped into the bike Delighla  sitting on the back of the bike and Jamie at the front . Then Jamie spotted their wizard toy that they had lost ages ago ”look ! ” ” there is our wizard toy ” cried Jamie . And to his astonishment they lifted up into the air and flew threw the air and landed in a strange country . they tried to get home but when it just didn’t take off so they had to have a look around they saw lots of strange people around their bicycle .