The Demon

It had been raining all morning so Mike and Jeffry were going to the Plains Of Africa. As they were getting ready to take off Mike had a feeling that somebody was watching him, but before Mike could take a look the plane had took off. Once they had got there Jeffry had got off the plane and was talking to one of the passengers. The passenger had said that there was a demon on board the plane. After an hour  they had seen the demon lurking in the shadows so they went to see him and he killed them.

TNT Explosion

One day I was siting in my bedroom waiting for a hoverboard to arrive. Later that evening I heard the door bell ring.  I went downstairs to open the door. There was a parcel on the door step. The parcel had my name on it . It really got me excited. I thought  it was my hoverboard. When I opened  it was TNT. I went to my mum.

“When did it arrive?” I said.

My mum said that it arrived one hour ago. I thought,” Should I blow it up or not? “I knew it was the wrong thing to do.

The Ninja And The Wooden Man

Five years ago there lived a ninja called Kevin. He always dreamed  of  fighting a mega boss called The Destroyer, also known as Wooden Man. One day Kevin was taking a stroll throw the woods, but then he had a feeling that somebody was following him. So he turned around as rapidly as he could. When he looked behind him there stood The Destroyer.
“Finally I have a chance to beat you,” said Kevin.
“Alright lets see what you’ve got,” said The Destroyer.
So he used the mega knock over move ,but then Kevin used the killer move which cut the destroyer in half.

The Honey Badger

A few years ago there lived some people called Kevin (master of wind), Jeff (master of nature) , Bob (master of gravity). One day Jeff, Bob and Kevin were of to the rain forest and they were hoping to find a Honey Badger. When they got there they realised a Honey Bagger was rite in front of them. they thought something looked fishy about the Honey Badger. It looked like it was a master of ice or speed because it got up a tree in a second Jeff exclaimed ” but how did he get up there?” I’m the master of speed.

The Lion Army

A few years ago, there lived a boy called Leo. He always dreamed of owning a zoo. One day Leo went to the zoo and went to ask the zoo manger if he could own the zoo he said “but what if I was in charge” said Leo. “In charge of what” said the zoo manger. “The zoo” “let my think” said the zoo manger. ” no” ” come on” Leo said. “Ok you can own the zoo” “yes” said Leo. ” i will get one hundred pounds” yes  i tricked him” “now i can rule the world with my own lion army